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In 1973, the places to buy groceries in Bangkok were an open air market or fresh market or one of the few air-conditioned stores. There was no grocery store specializing in imported products for community until Villa Market has opened as the first store located on Sukhumvit road near soi 33. At that time, the community growth had been steadily growing for several reasons such as personnel related to the conflict in Vietnam, multinational companies and more foreign investment companies in Thailand, along with their families and many more people settled in the Sukhumvit area. The locals quickly perceived Villa Market brand and discovered that they could find widest particular selection of imported items such as Marmite yeast extract spread from Australia, Peanut butter from USA, Lamb from New Zealand and many more hard to find items. Villa Market also has gone a step further to make customer satisfaction and quality control policies to ensure that the produces and fresh items are fresh and wholesome. In the early stage, Villa Market was beyond the expectation of grocery store by serving as an unofficial local meeting place for people in the neighborhood.It was a place to see friends and catch up on the community news. The store also had a bulletin board near the door where anyone could post a notice for a maid requirement, apartment for rent, car for sale or community activities. Villa Market is a unique entity, a family-owned business that is still progressively growing up while most of the other stores had been closed due to competition from big box stores. Villa Market has managed and well prepared by keep the standard up with high quality of local and imported products. To be sincere is one of the key progressive to make a successful store for Villa Market. Villa Market has designed the store for giving real shopping experience to everyone, not only selection of world best products experience but the customers would access to organic fruits and vegetables, premium quality meats, seafood and exclusive items as well. Villa Market desires to be best neighborhood supermarket where customers are enjoy tasting new foods, sharing ideas, learning new experiences of new food knowledge and community environment
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